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How Did I Get These?
By Nadia Smith

Qi Gong

Spontaneous Qi Gong

True To Our Roots Qi Gong is a system of spontaneous Qi Gong, developed by Nadia, which stimulates the primordial movements that are the fundamental...



True Clinic

True Clinic is a timber building set in the middle of woodland on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean. Offers a therapeutic and healing...



Reconnect with your inner healing abilities "Discover the Magic inside of you to create Vitality, Youthfulness and Great Health."

Private Treatments

Nadia offers a variety of individually tailored treatments

Treatments are approximately 90 minutes. 


qi touch

This is a form of moving meditation which realigns the body

Tui Na

Ancient form of Chinese massage and manipulation to help reduce pain


trauma release

A method which is part of our human self-healing mechanism