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Are you suffering from Osteoarthritis?

How Did I Get These written by Nadia Smith is a deeply layered personal story revealing the intricate expressions of a life lived. Smith’s story helps us understand that there is not just one reason for developing osteoarthritis or any disease for that matter.
Leading the reader through a captivating undercover story, Smith peels away and adds to her personal experience (and those closest to her) in order to help illustrate how life literally shapes our bones and the very legs we stand upon. With humor, love, and sweet attention to detail, Smith teases out varying threads of her life, weaving together a delightful, self-supportive offering which she refers to as invaluable life lessons, inviting each one of us to do the same. 
Review by Liz Koch, International Educator & Author of The Psoas Book

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Spontaneous Qi Gong

True To Our Roots Qi Gong is a system of spontaneous Qi Gong, developed by Nadia, which stimulates the primordial movements that are the fundamental...



True Clinic

True Clinic is a timber building set in the middle of woodland on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean. Offers a therapeutic and healing...



Reconnect with your inner healing abilities "Discover the Magic inside of you to create Vitality, Youthfulness and Great Health."

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Nadia offers a variety of individually tailored treatments

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This is a form of moving meditation which realigns the body

Tui Na

Ancient form of Chinese massage and manipulation to help reduce pain


trauma release

A method which is part of our human self-healing mechanism