Back Problems

"Dear Nadia,

I have so many things to thank you for I just do not know where to start.

When I first came to your chi gong classes, at Sally Tottle's suggestion, I was disappointed that it did very little for the pain and spasm in my neck and shoulders; in fact it seemed to make it worse. I had lived with this pain for fifteen years since having a major operation on my cervical spine. I was sorry because the classes were so fuIl of other friendly people who were obviously gaining a lot from them and you made them so easily worthwhile and enjoyable.

When I, very reluctantly, told you that I would not be coming any more and why, your conviction that you could help me with massage in your practice filled me with new hope. Since coming to see you on a fairly regular basis for about a year now, my neck and shoulders have improved immeasurably. Although the situation is not perfect and likely never will be, the relief from the almost constant nagging pain has made a huge difference to my life.

But my biggest thank you must be for your "introduction services"!!! It is now over a year ago that you introduced me to your next patient whilst I completed my business with you and drank the lovely jasmine tea. Then the next day rang to ask me if I would consider contacting this same patient that I had shaken hands with in your practice the day before - he had expressed a desire to meet me again. This you told me over the telephone continually informing me that you had never done anything like this before and impressing on me that it was something very unusual and special.

Well, as you know, I did eventually get up the courage to ring the gentleman. After a rather slow and faltering start our relationship has blossomed into happiness we had both doubted was possible. Thank you so much Nadia for making such a difference in so many ways."




"I am so glad that Nadia was recommended to me, the treatment I have received from her, since just before Christmas 2011 has made a remarkable difference to my everyday life.

My symptoms began in 1999, I had severe pain in my right leg, later diagnosed as a problem with my spine. Numerous bulging discs and bony spurs. Many treatments followed, numerous epidurals, treatments with various alternative therapists, eventually spinal surgery in 2007, the first surgery went wrong, and I had a second operation two months later. The symptoms in my right leg were no more.

By the following year the left leg was affected, again I was treated with epidurals and manipulation, with no effect. The pain was intense, I needed to take quite a lot of medication. My activities were very much curtailed.

Then I met Nadia, first at her "true to roots" class, followed by one to one treatments. I have stopped all medications, I have much more energy and the pain is almost non existent. To me Nadia is not only a miracle worker but a wonderful person also. I would highly recommend a visit."

Patricia Mallick



"I want to record how grateful I am for the wonderful work you have done on my back.

We can both recall the state I was in when I first visited you; having lost my mother only days previously, I was desperately low in spirit and because of scoliosis, my posture was appalling. My spine was curved, my shoulders were hunched up around my ears and I was physically and mentally a sorry state.

Your initial treatment helped restore my spirit and gave me the most wonderful burst of energy.

The Miracle is my back which is now straight. Your courageous, careful work has succeeded in straightening my spine so that I can now stand upright with no pain and no strain. I can carry heavy objects without aching and regular exercise and massage helps me to build up those long unused muscles.

I am so very grateful to you for your wonderful work. You have a marvellous talent and I consider myself privileged to benefit from it."

Jane Allin
Usk, Monmouthshire



"On the recommendation of my son Scott who visited Nadia for treatment (very successfully!) on his bad back, I made an appointment to see Nadia.

My initial thought was for Nadia to help me with my chronic sciatica pain. Once we started though, it became evident that my whole body was out of alignment resulting from a car crash many years ago. Nadia began my first session by using Qi Touch to help my body heal itself. I left feeling tired but invigorated, amazed at what my body could do! During further visits Nadia addressed my sciatic pain and the pain I had in my neck/head by using a range of treatments including massage, Tui Na and cranial therapy. Nadia also taught me how to walk and sit to help alleviate the constant pain I was feeling. Each visit found me feeling better and better.

Though I originally visited Nadia for help with my physical pains, I found Nadia to be a wonderful listener and during my sessions she helped me enormously by listening to me talking about the emotionally traumatic twelve months I had just had when both my parents had died and my husband had left home. Nadia used healing techniques with me which left me feeling much less stressed and more able to cope emotionally.

I can truly say my visits to Nadia have helped me both physically and spiritually. My physical pains are improving all the time and I feel calmer, less anxious, less depressed and much 'lighter' in spirit.

I have now reached a point where I feel I do not have to visit Nadia on a regular basis, but know that I can ring up and have a 'top-up' session whenever I feel in need of Nadia's calming and caring influence.

Thank you Nadia."




"My dear Nadia,

I hate to remind you of the bag of nerves that arrived on your doorstep before Christmas but it is the necessary context to the miracle of rapid transformation you have performed on me since. How can I thank you for the six magic sessions - many of which were in fact, double sessions - of a rich array of therapies, all of which you practice with an amazing ease, which quickly allowed me to bin all the nasty pills my psychiatrist prescribed and insisted I take for at least a year?

If an interested patient were to ask me which of your skills contributed to my recovery most, I couldn't possibly explain. That is a secret only you may know. Was it Tuina massage or EFT? Was it cranial-sacral manipulation or the most mysterious of all - the removal of that stubborn negative entity you struggled with for what must have been a good two hours? All I know is that the next day I suddenly had a loose neck after years of having difficulty turning my head left or right.

I must admit that after Session Six I was still feeling rotten and feared getting away from your healing environment and supportive nurturing. But you were right. Within a week or two all my symptoms disappeared and I'm now a new me - possibly more optimistic and positive than ever before, which is obviously also due to the last component of your holistic attitude to therapy, which rests on equipping the patient with a new outlook on life, a wholly positive attitude to self and all around us.

My dear Nadia, may your fabulous clinic thrive as long as you are to give your patients your precious time! Finally, let me wish you and your family every happiness, unlimited love and good health."