Throughout the ages, we have obscured our vision of the invisible energies around us.

People who have died and not moved to their heavenly dimension (where we all return to eventually) remain as ghosts either through fear of the unknown, previous beliefs, unfinished earthly business, or because living family members hang on to them either because they did not say goodbye, or simply miss them so much that they cannot let them go.

When this occurs it inevitably drains the energy of the places they hang on to or the people they don't leave after passing - hence haunted houses, places and sick people, who don't seem to get better.  This is sometimes referred to as entity attachment.

Thanks to Nadia's "invisible team of guides, angels and other subtle energies", she is guided to feel these energies and steer them into their rightful places.

This process clears the place or the person, who feel an instant and marked difference in their health, and most of their symptoms dissolve.

Nadia staved off talking about this ability out of fear of being ridiculed - but today she has the confidence and the joy to acknowledge this magical ability.  She recognises at last part of her Soul's purpose, which thanks to her "invisible team's guidance", she pursues freely now and with confidence, as and when applicable.

Nadia believes it is "rude and unethical" not to acknowledge this very powerful force, which over the years has allowed her to help hundreds of people.

Spirit Release helps:

  • Unresolved grief
  • Depression
  • All types of medical conditions