If you suffer from osteoarthritis and need or already own metal/ceramic joints, and you desperately wish you could regain your more agile days, this is the method for you!

If you have other health related challenges joining the True to our Roots tribe will also help you regain flexibility, the fluidity of body and mind, and relaxation.

If any of you readers remember Nadia's gruelling work-out days, which left you panting and sweating for more hard-working fun to catchy music, you may be curious to find out about her "cutting edge" Health &  Fitness programme she has developed over the last 15 years, this time keeping in mind how the body responds, noticing how it feels during movements,  improving its posture,  merging the mind with the body.

The effects of this system are astounding and so simple!  Best of all, you will feel great after even the first session, as instead of leaving you panting and sweaty, most of your aches and pains will have been alleviated or disappeared completely, and you will feel great to top it!