Postural Alignment


 I haven’t seen you for ages and I wanted to share a few delights with you.  I am becoming really well physically and I wanted to express my gratitude for all the help you have given me.  I have learned such a lot from you and it helps me every day!

I have been working steadily on my physical being, particularly on my pelvis and  back difficulties.  I was still stiff and last summer I went for a long and rather difficult hike up Coniston Old Man in the Lake was too much and I got bursitis which took ages to resolve…… frustration at the stuckness of the old pattern!  Will it ever leave me??

In the last few weeks big changes!  My right hip has suddenly started to release properly and is finding a completely new position!  It has dropped into the joint and I have lots of movement out to the side which I didn’t know was there!  The hip was pulled in and up to accommodate my twisted hip and at last it’s ok to let go!  

It has amazed me that there can be so much unconscious compensation still but then I learnt to walk like that when I was 1 years old and have never known anything different. I can now appreciate the layers and layers of release that the body needs.  It really has the most remarkable ability to accommodate injury and thus protect us from pain. 

I have worked out a good system to help me unravel, a lot from the things I learned from you.  The Gokhale Method has been invaluable to help me find out what makes my body comfortable, what good posture feels like.  Learning to feel into the body, to trust the body to know what it needs.  A good knowledge of anatomy is helpful! When I’m walking, I start by feeling where in my body is getting over stretched, I get my posture right, support or hold the stretched part, probably more mentally rather than physically tensing, and pretty soon I can feel it working back to the part of the joint or muscle that is still tight or stuck. Then I can use various methods to encourage opening like sending a vibration to release it.  And of course, spontaneous Chi Gong.

I’m managing to get some shaking, TRE,  into the Ham strings and tendons adjoining and into the hip which have been chronically tight. This seems to be very helpful and effective.  

The wonderful thing is that I can feel how everything changes every day as the hip releases whereas I have, up till now, felt my body was constantly struggling with the same difficulties, the same patterns of stress and tension, although much better since the original release when the left hip jumping back into position.

For the first time, I feel really confident that I will recover from this injury and I will be truly comfortable in my body!  

It’s four years since you first helped me to enable my hip to jump back into it’s proper place and I have needed a lot of methods to aid recovery on the way, including orthodontic treatment.  Did you know how related the pelvis and the dentition is?!  

I thank you and bless you for all the good things you taught me, and for seeing the problem, when so many osteopaths and chiropractors did not!  You gave me the courage and the conviction to find my way and I am so pleased on so many levels to have made this journey.  

Catherine Kirwin





"I have been reflecting upon what I call 'back' matters and changes over the last twelve months or so. I recall that I had not been aware of the reason for my inability to stand upright properly or my stooping gait until because of another event it became apparent that I was afflicted by Scoliosis - both 'S' and 'C'!

By the application of your QiGong and Tui na expertise you had been of great help in ameliorating
the scoliosis- and to good effect. However, inadvertently I compounded the difficulty by bad lifting and twisting and then carrying on through the pain! I experienced acute sciatica to the extent that in September last year I became unable to walk more than fifty metres without having to stop in acute agony - to my chagrin I had to acquire a walking stick!

I was not happy with the initial advice given me by my GP and arrangements were made for an MRI scan which showed a pretty nasty collapse at the base of the spine. After consultation with an orthopaedic
surgeona cortisone injection sorted out the sciatic nerve problem although I was advised that the solution was 'non-curative' and would probably need repeating in 6 - 12 months. I was also advised to utilise a back brace from time to time.

What has had a significant effect on progress has been the 'trauma release' exercises (TRE) you have been guiding me with. I think this programme has given me much, much more internal fluidity and is freeing up my psoas muscles which had become contracted. Also, the TRE is remarkably 'de-stressing'!

I still have to make a conscious effort to stand properly erect and to walk with a spring in the step - but it is getting ever more easy to achieve. I need the back brace less and the walking stick is a thing of the past. lt is all most encouraging and exciting."


Sir Colin Shepherd




Thank you for the sessions I have had with you over the years.  You provide a sanctuary where I feel safe.  Your therapy is intuitive and sometimes it feels like I don't need to tell you what the problem is as you are already treating it! 

Since I have been coming to you, I stand straighter, my hips and back are
pain free and I have made changes to the way I live my life for the better.

The time at Tump Lane Therapy Clinic gives me space to challenge how I am thinking and reacting to problems. I don't have any much of that in my busy life at work and at home with two young boys.  See you for the next session soon!"

Juliet Shepherd
Hospital Pharmacist
Little Dewchurch



"Following a car accident 11 years ago, my pelvis would come out of alignment on a regular basis causing my lower back to go into spasm. This was very painful and I thought it would be something that I would have to live with. After just one session with Nadia, my pelvis became stronger and I have had no pain since. Without Nadia's treatment, I may have developed arthritis in my hip joints in later life.

Further treatments with Nadia have enabled my muscles to release and I have become more flexible and have better posture as a result. I am very grateful to Nadia for improving my quality of life and enabling me to be free of pain."