(Trauma Release Exercise)

"I have known Nadia for many years as our neighbour but never really understood what her treatments were about or what they entailed, I’m still not really sure that I get it now but I know it works and I know like it!  You see Nadia is a very special person who is in touch with true feelings, she sees past the false smile that’s there for everyone else and can see the pain deep inside, I’m sure this is why, when out walking her dogs past, early this year we chatted as we had done so many times before, once again I slapped on he artificial smile and hoped to hurriedly pass the time of day and resume doing my horses, I cannot recall our conversation exactly but I do recall agreeing to let Nadia show me this technique that I knew so very little about!

On the day we had agreed I tried to think of every excuse possible not to go, having suffered from mental illness for so long I was telling myself I’m not worth her time, not worth my time, I am a nuisance, I’m not worth the effort, it wont work, I wont be able to do it as I’m too fat, the truth is I was scared, the anxiety was rising but deep inside me there was something that made me go.

So here I was, at Tump Lane Clinic and after talking through all my health issues we set about starting the TRE the whole experience was very alien to me but something made me want to keep going, I could feel emotions rising, yet still wanted to go on, I was confused too, wanting to bottle everything back up and push it all deep back inside rather than let it go through the shaking, it became a fight between what I had practiced for many years and what Nadia was now telling me.  Throughout the whole session Nadia stayed close and reassured me, comforted me and explained what was happening, at one point I felt overwhelmed, I didn’t need to tell Nadia she knew and with my permission she took my hand and reassured my again, stopping the process before it became too much. At the end of the session I couldn’t put into words how I felt or what had happened so we just chatted whilst Nadia poured a cup of Jasmine tea and we planned another session for the following week. That evening I was exhausted, both mentally and physically I felt unable to eat tea so had a relaxing bath and straight to bed, that was the best nights sleep I had had in years.

On my second visit to Tump Lane Clinic, I felt a little more relaxed.  Once again Nadia took me through the TRE step by step, this time it felt more intense, a lot more movement, Nadia stayed close and gave lots of reassurance, telling me to stop and rest when it became to much and starting again when ready. Once again we ended with a lovely cup of tea, I was feeling quite relaxed but both physically and mentally tired again.  I still couldn’t put into words what had happened during the session emotionally but physically I shook, starting in my legs up through my pelvis, my hips, my stomach, chest and shoulders.  During the following days I found myself talking about painful memories more than normal, it was like they had come to the surface and needed to be spoken.

The third and last visit to tump lane was relaxed and much the same as the previous week, I left feeling confident about doing TRE on my own.  Within just a few hours of my 3rd session I became quite unwell, high temperature, headache, muscle aches, fever and shivers, I had the Flu and was in bed for 3-4 days, I don’t know if this was effected by TRE or just an awful coincidence.

I now practice TRE regularly whenever I feel the need.  In myself I feel happier, more content, I have less anxiety, look forward in life and am generally healthier both mentally & physically. I cannot thank Nadia enough for showing me this technique and giving me, in my opinion the gift of life!"

Wendy Williams