Workshops & Events 2017, 2018

Classes at Wyastone Leys, Monmouth, take place on the first Monday of the month until December 2017, when they will be reviewed for 2018.

Please get in touch directly for further information. 

"Gift for Life Workshops"

Enhance your health and fitness naturally! 

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SUnday 26th November 2017 Cheltenham

The Isbourne Holistic Centre, Isbourne House,  3 Wolseley Terrace,  Cheltenham GL50 1TH for directions


SUNDAY 28th January 2018 Bath

New Oriel Hall, Brookleaze Buildings, Larkhall, Bath BA1 6RA for directions





Over the last 6 months I’ve been working with an amazing teacher, Nadia Smith. 

Having struggled with a knee injury and arthritis for the last 4 years, I've spent a lot of money and tried almost everything to improve my mobility and pain levels. Fortunately, I found my way to Nadia and working with her has made a massive difference. Best of all, she’s taught me how to help myself. 

Nadia’s unique True to Our Roots approach teaches how easily we can self-heal, based on a primordial and natural way of moving that activates the body's natural fluids and energy flow. This method comes from the ancient Taoist philosophy used in Chinese Medicine and its self-healing art of Qi Gong, based on the harmonious union of Mind, Body and Spirit. It is particularly helpful for people with joint and back problems, arthritis and injuries and problems caused by stress and tension. 

Nadia is offering a one day workshop to a small group, here in Bath, for the first time, where you’ll have the chance to learn her core techniques and experience this easy, flowing, joyful work:. The workshop is fun and you will feel happier in your self and more energised in your body at the end of it.


Testimonials from the Recent Letterston Workshop

"Where do I begin!

I so enjoyed the day. I found it empowering, enlightening and uplifting and feel that I need to listen to my body more and show it more respect. I am finding it difficult remembering all I learned but my walking has improved and posture in my car!"


"Thanks so much again for the workshop at the weekend. A fantastic experience and very powerful!

I have had a big, big shift since Sunday and the workshop and was in quite extreme process of releasing Monday and yesterday, but it’s moving fast and there’s been a huge clearing around the dynamic we discussed. So thank you again for helping me make the connection between these issues and my body. Amazing. 

Sending you much love and appreciation."


Workshop information: 

Each workshop runs from 10:30am - 5:00pm

The cost is £65 per person

What will be covered during this workshop?

❤️   True to our Roots' philosophy
❤️   Posture and Grounding
❤️   Quality of Breath
❤️   5 Elements Organ Sounds
❤️   Activation of Qi (energy)
❤️   Playing with and directing Qi (Meridians & Energy Fields)
❤️   Pull Qi and Breathe - The Qi Touch
❤️   Helping each other create Spontaneous Fluid Movement
❤️   TRE (Tension Release Exercise) and Spontaneous Movement
❤️   Grounding & Closing

Dress code: 

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing

Nadia's mission is to help people become more aware of their body and its alarm signals and how easy it can be to self-heal.  Her method is based on our primordial and natural way of moving from inside out, activating the natural fluids in our body, and the energy flow within our internal organs and their connected meridians.

This method comes from the ancient Taoist philosophy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and its self-healing art of Qi Gong, based on the harmonious union of "MIND, BODY, SPIRIT."

"The aim of True to our Roots Qi Gong is to achieve Whole Body Enlightenment."

Booking terms and conditions:

Tickets are non-refundable. However, we will happily exchange any event ticket for a credit note, up to thirty days before the event. Credit notes will be valid for all future True to our Roots events, within twelve months and subject to availability. Between two and thirty days before the event, we will consider requests for an exchange on an individual basis. All requests must be in writing and sent to