Testimonials from the Recent Letterston Workshop

"Where do I begin!

I so enjoyed the day. I found it empowering, enlightening and uplifting and feel that I need to listen to my body more and show it more respect. I am finding it difficult remembering all I learned but my walking has improved and posture in my car!"


"Thanks so much again for the workshop at the weekend. A fantastic experience and very powerful!

I have had a big, big shift since Sunday and the workshop and was in quite extreme process of releasing Monday and yesterday, but it’s moving fast and there’s been a huge clearing around the dynamic we discussed. So thank you again for helping me make the connection between these issues and my body. Amazing. 

Sending you much love and appreciation."



Previous Testimonials

"Good morning Nadia,

I cannot let another day go past without sending you a quick little note to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. It was extremely interesting and enjoyable, it is great to be 'empowered' with these 'tools' and there is so much reading material I would now like to crack through in a bid to becoming fully informed (not sure I will ever be that)!!"


"Dear Nadia,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop last weekend.  It was just wonderful. I was in a brilliant space for days afterwards and would love to do another one sometime. Thank you for your lovely caring energy and I wish you a very Happy Christmas."



"Hi Nadia,

its late and I'm ready for bed but just wanted to write and thank you whilst its still fresh. That was an excellent workshop, this isn't a testimonial, too tired for that just now. However when working today, I noticed an increase in suppleness and thats in so little time. The various practises within your teaching reach parts that others do not!

And also, knowing myself if I weren't to 'strike whilst the iron is hot', I might lose the initial wave that is still in me, so am asking you whether I might be able to have a 1:1 with you, preferably before Christmas, again whilst it is reasonably fresh and I am using the exercises; refreshing and clarifying at this point could be really useful and help me forward in general well-being.

Well done you, I thought you kept your workshop fresh and original, thank you for all your help and attention."


"Dear Nadia,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 2 day workshop I recently attended and what a difference it has made to my overall wellbeing.

I have attended your classes in the past and learned the basics of the 'true to your roots' system, but the workshop really consolidated that learning and gave me the confidence to extend it and use it to fit my own personal situation. There was a noticeable difference in my energy field during, and since, that weekend and I assume that the focussed sessions and group energy built over the 2 days of the workshop really did make a difference. In fact I knew something significant must have happened during the weekend because I lost my voice for 2 days afterwards! Nothing sinister I hasten to add! - simply an outward expression of the deep clearing that I felt was going on within - no doubt triggered when the energy began to properly flow through my body.

I didn't really believe you when you said that it would become second nature to us to adjust and maintain our posture, but it is true!  I find I am so much more aware of how I stand, sit and lie down, and now the need to make adjustments to correct my posture has really reduced. I have even caught myself looking in the shop windows when I walk down the street just to see how I look as I 'glide walk' along!

I cannot thank you enough for showing me the power and potential of my own body to keep itself well and help itself heal. It is so empowering! You make it seem so easy and accessible - and achievable by anyone (even me!) so thank you for sharing - you are a very special lady with a very special gift."



"I am a tree surgeon and find our Qi-Gong group work so useful. On a basic level the muscle softening effects relieve tension. Sometimes I find it hard after work to find the energy to get to Qi-gong but each session seems to reveal an enlightening gem and has a restorative calming feel.

I am always amazed by the body's ability to self-heal & the way we can facilitate self-healing movements in someone else. Collecting & circulating Qi energy seemed hard at first and needed a lot of guidance but slowly becomes something you want to make time for to practice on your own.

Thank you Nadia for helping us find our fluid selves."