I haven’t seen you for ages and I wanted to share a few delights with you. I am becoming really well physically and I wanted to express my gratitude for all the help you have given me. I have learned such a lot from you and it helps me every day!

I have been working steadily on my physical being, particularly on my pelvis and back difficulties. I was still stiff and last summer I went for a long and rather difficult hike up Coniston Old Man in the Lake District... it was too much and I got bursitis which took ages to resolve..... frustration at the stuckness of the old pattern! Will it ever leave me??

In the last few weeks big changes! My right hip has suddenly started to release properly and is finding a completely new position! It has dropped into the joint and I have lots of movement out to the side which I didn’t know was there! The hip was pulled in and up to accommodate my twisted hip and at last it’s ok to let go!

It has amazed me that there can be so much unconscious compensation still but then I learnt to walk like that when I was 1 years old and have never known anything different. I can now appreciate the layers and layers of release that the body needs. It really has the most remarkable ability to accommodate injury and thus protect us from pain.

I have worked out a good system to help me unravel, a lot from the things I learned from you. The Gokhale Method has been invaluable to help me find out what makes my body comfortable, what good posture feels like. Learning to feel into the body, to trust the body to know what it needs. A good knowledge of anatomy is helpful! When I’m walking, I start by feeling where in my body is getting over stretched, I get my posture right, support or hold the stretched part, probably more mentally rather than physically tensing, and pretty soon I can feel it working back to the part of the joint or muscle that is still tight or stuck. Then I can use various methods to encourage opening like sending a vibration to release it. And of course, spontaneous Chi Gong.

I’m managing to get some shaking, TRE, into the Ham strings and tendons adjoining and into the hip which have been chronically tight. This seems to be very helpful and effective.

The wonderful thing is that I can feel how everything changes every day as the hip releases whereas I have, up till now, felt my body was constantly struggling with the same difficulties, the same patterns of stress and tension, although much better since the original release when the left hip jumping back into position.

For the first time, I feel really confident that I will recover from this injury and I will be truly comfortable in my body!

It’s four years since you first helped me to enable my hip to jump back into it’s proper place and I have needed a lot of methods to aid recovery on the way, including orthodontic treatment. Did you know how related the pelvis and the dentition is?!

I thank you and bless you for all the good things you taught me, and for seeing the problem, when so many osteopaths and chiropractors did not! You gave me the courage and the conviction to find my way and I am so pleased on so many levels to have made this journey.

Catherine Kirwin

"I have been reflecting upon what I call 'back' matters and changes over the last twelve months or so. I recall that I had not been aware of the reason for my inability to stand upright properly or my stooping gait until because of another event it became apparent that I was afflicted by Scoliosis - both 'S' and 'C'!

By the application of your Qi Gong and Tui Na expertise you had been of great help in amelioratingthe scoliosis- and to good effect. However, inadvertently I compounded the difficulty by bad lifting and twisting and then carrying on through the pain! I experienced acute sciatica to the extent that in September last year I became unable to walk more than fifty metres without having to stop in acute agony - to my chagrin I had to acquire a walking stick!

I was not happy with the initial advice given me by my GP and arrangements were made for an MRI scan which showed a pretty nasty collapse at the base of the spine. After consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon a cortisone injection sorted out the sciatic nerve problem although I was advised that the solution was 'non-curative' and would probably need repeating in 6 - 12 months. I was also advised to utilise a back brace from time to time.

What has had a significant effect on progress has been the 'trauma release' exercises (TRE) you have been guiding me with. I think this programme has given me much, much more internal fluidity and is freeing up my psoas muscles which had become contracted. Also, the TRE is remarkably 'de-stressing'!

I still have to make a conscious effort to stand properly erect and to walk with a spring in the step - but it is getting ever more easy to achieve. I need the back brace less and the walking stick is a thing of the past. lt is all most encouraging and exciting."

Sir Colin Shepherd


Thank you for the sessions I have had with you over the years. You provide a sanctuary where I feel safe. Your therapy is intuitive and sometimes it feels like I don't need to tell you what the problem is as you are already treating it!

Since I have been coming to you, I stand straighter, my hips and back arepain free and I have made changes to the way I live my life for the better.

The time at Tump Lane Therapy Clinic gives me space to challenge how I am thinking and reacting to problems. I don't have any much of that in my busy life at work and at home with two young boys. See you for the next session soon!"

Juliet Shepherd
Hospital Pharmacist
Little Dewchurch

"Following a car accident 11 years ago, my pelvis would come out of alignment on a regular basis causing my lower back to go into spasm. This was very painful and I thought it would be something that I would have to live with. After just one session with Nadia, my pelvis became stronger and I have had no pain since. Without Nadia's treatment, I may have developed arthritis in my hip joints in later life.

Further treatments with Nadia have enabled my muscles to release and I have become more flexible and have better posture as a result. I am very grateful to Nadia for improving my quality of life and enabling me to be free of pain."


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I have known Nadia for many years as our neighbour but never really understood what her treatments were about or what they entailed, I’m still not really sure that I get it now but I know it works and I know like it! You see Nadia is a very special person who is in touch with true feelings, she sees past the false smile that’s there for everyone else and can see the pain deep inside, I’m sure this is why, when out walking her dogs past, early this year we chatted as we had done so many times before, once again I slapped on he artificial smile and hoped to hurriedly pass the time of day and resume doing my horses, I cannot recall our conversation exactly but I do recall agreeing to let Nadia show me this technique that I knew so very little about!

On the day we had agreed I tried to think of every excuse possible not to go, having suffered from mental illness for so long I was telling myself I’m not worth her time, not worth my time, I am a nuisance, I’m not worth the effort, it wont work, I wont be able to do it as I’m too fat, the truth is I was scared, the anxiety was rising but deep inside me there was something that made me go.

So here I was, at Tump Lane Clinic and after talking through all my health issues we set about starting the TRE the whole experience was very alien to me but something made me want to keep going, I could feel emotions rising, yet still wanted to go on, I was confused too, wanting to bottle everything back up and push it all deep back inside rather than let it go through the shaking, it became a fight between what I had practiced for many years and what Nadia was now telling me. Throughout the whole session Nadia stayed close and reassured me, comforted me and explained what was happening, at one point I felt overwhelmed, I didn’t need to tell Nadia she knew and with my permission she took my hand and reassured my again, stopping the process before it became too much. At the end of the session I couldn’t put into words how I felt or what had happened so we just chatted whilst Nadia poured a cup of Jasmine tea and we planned another session for the following week. That evening I was exhausted, both mentally and physically. I felt unable to eat tea so had a relaxing bath and straight to bed, that was the best nights sleep I had had in years.

On my second visit to Tump Lane Clinic, I felt a little more relaxed. Once again Nadia took me through the TRE step by step, this time it felt more intense, a lot more movement, Nadia stayed close and gave lots of reassurance, telling me to stop and rest when it became to much and starting again when ready. Once again we ended with a lovely cup of tea, I was feeling quite relaxed but both physically and mentally tired again. I still couldn’t put into words what had happened during the session emotionally but physically I shook, starting in my legs up through my pelvis, my hips, my stomach, chest and shoulders. During the following days I found myself talking about painful memories more than normal, it was like they had come to the surface and needed to be spoken.

The third and last visit to tump lane was relaxed and much the same as the previous week, I left feeling confident about doing TRE on my own. Within just a few hours of my 3rd session I became quite unwell, high temperature, headache, muscle aches, fever and shivers, I had the Flu and was in bed for 3-4 days, I don’t know if this was effected by TRE or just an awful coincidence.

I now practice TRE regularly whenever I feel the need. In myself I feel happier, more content, I have less anxiety, look forward in life and am generally healthier both mentally & physically. I cannot thank Nadia enough for showing me this technique and giving me, in my opinion the gift of life!"

Wendy Williams

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Let me start by saying that I've never been a great advocate of alternate medication or therapies and can count on one hand the massages I had in my life, but a couple of weeks ago carrying something too big, too heavy up a steep flight of stairs I did somthing to my back, making it impossible to carry on with normal activities.

After a week of excruciating pain and living on painkillers, trying to gain some normality, smelling of deepheat and sitting on a hot water bottle I drove my friend to a fit steps class knowing I'd be sitting in the corner watching, but Nadia was there and seeing me in such discomfort she gave me a mini Tui Na teatment, it was amazing, magical even, I was able to do the class, and based on that I went for a full treatment with Nadia and it was astonishing.

I really don't know how it works (and I don't need to) but as her hands got hotter so I could feel the pain draining from me I felt lighter, freer, and to my amazement it was effortless to get up off the teatment table as all the pain had completely, utterly absolutely GONE. it was transformational for me, Nadia is a master of her craft and I can't thank her enough.

Ok just had my second treatment with Nadia Smith de Nekludoff and I feel marvellous like I've just had therapy.

I went to Nadia because I had backache but she made me see that the pain I was holding in my body was not just muscular but emotional. With her help I was able to let go of the resentment I've been holding on to for years, I feel like she lifted this massive burden from me, i feel reborn (and I know how that sounds!)

As I drove home though the country lanes I noticed the colours of the trees seemed more intense, the sky bluer even the rain drops on the windscreen looked like jewels. And as I stopped at a shop on the way home I realised I had been smiling all the way! I can't believe that this Tui Na that this wonderful woman practises not only cured my back problem, but rejuvenated me! A million thank you Nadia xxxxx

Caroline Pearce.

"Dear Nadia,

I have so many things to thank you for I just do not know where to start.

When I first came to your chi gong classes, at Sally Tottle's suggestion, I was disappointed that it did very little for the pain and spasm in my neck and shoulders; in fact it seemed to make it worse. I had lived with this pain for fifteen years since having a major operation on my cervical spine. I was sorry because the classes were so fuIl of other friendly people who were obviously gaining a lot from them and you made them so easily worthwhile and enjoyable.

When I, very reluctantly, told you that I would not be coming any more and why, your conviction that you could help me with massage in your practice filled me with new hope. Since coming to see you on a fairly regular basis for about a year now, my neck and shoulders have improved immeasurably. Although the situation is not perfect and likely never will be, the relief from the almost constant nagging pain has made a huge difference to my life.

But my biggest thank you must be for your "introduction services"!!! It is now over a year ago that you introduced me to your next patient whilst I completed my business with you and drank the lovely jasmine tea. Then the next day rang to ask me if I would consider contacting this same patient that I had shaken hands with in your practice the day before - he had expressed a desire to meet me again. This you told me over the telephone continually informing me that you had never done anything like this before and impressing on me that it was something very unusual and special.

Well, as you know, I did eventually get up the courage to ring the gentleman. After a rather slow and faltering start our relationship has blossomed into happiness we had both doubted was possible. Thank you so much Nadia for making such a difference in so many ways."


"I am so glad that Nadia was recommended to me, the treatment I have received from her, since just before Christmas 2011 has made a remarkable difference to my everyday life.

My symptoms began in 1999, I had severe pain in my right leg, later diagnosed as a problem with my spine. Numerous bulging discs and bony spurs. Many treatments followed, numerous epidurals, treatments with various alternative therapists, eventually spinal surgery in 2007, the first surgery went wrong, and I had a second operation two months later. The symptoms in my right leg were no more.

By the following year the left leg was affected, again I was treated with epidurals and manipulation, with no effect. The pain was intense, I needed to take quite a lot of medication. My activities were very much curtailed.

Then I met Nadia, first at her "true to roots" class, followed by one to one treatments. I have stopped all medications, I have much more energy and the pain is almost non existent. To me Nadia is not only a miracle worker but a wonderful person also. I would highly recommend a visit."1

Patricia Mallick

"I want to record how grateful I am for the wonderful work you have done on my back.

We can both recall the state I was in when I first visited you; having lost my mother only days previously, I was desperately low in spirit and because of scoliosis, my posture was appalling. My spine was curved, my shoulders were hunched up around my ears and I was physically and mentally a sorry state.

Your initial treatment helped restore my spirit and gave me the most wonderful burst of energy.

The Miracle is my back which is now straight. Your courageous, careful work has succeeded in straightening my spine so that I can now stand upright with no pain and no strain. I can carry heavy objects without aching and regular exercise and massage helps me to build up those long unused muscles.

I am so very grateful to you for your wonderful work. You have a marvellous talent and I consider myself privileged to benefit from it."

Jane Allin
Usk, Monmouthshire

"On the recommendation of my son Scott who visited Nadia for treatment (very successfully!) on his bad back, I made an appointment to see Nadia.

My initial thought was for Nadia to help me with my chronic sciatica pain. Once we started though, it became evident that my whole body was out of alignment resulting from a car crash many years ago. Nadia began my first session by using Qi Touch to help my body heal itself. I left feeling tired but invigorated, amazed at what my body could do! During further visits Nadia addressed my sciatic pain and the pain I had in my neck/head by using a range of treatments including massage, Tui Na and cranial therapy. Nadia also taught me how to walk and sit to help alleviate the constant pain I was feeling. Each visit found me feeling better and better.

Though I originally visited Nadia for help with my physical pains, I found Nadia to be a wonderful listener and during my sessions she helped me enormously by listening to me talking about the emotionally traumatic twelve months I had just had when both my parents had died and my husband had left home. Nadia used healing techniques with me which left me feeling much less stressed and more able to cope emotionally.

I can truly say my visits to Nadia have helped me both physically and spiritually. My physical pains are improving all the time and I feel calmer, less anxious, less depressed and much 'lighter' in spirit.

I have now reached a point where I feel I do not have to visit Nadia on a regular basis, but know that I can ring up and have a 'top-up' session whenever I feel in need of Nadia's calming and caring influence.

Thank you Nadia."


"My dear Nadia,

I hate to remind you of the bag of nerves that arrived on your doorstep before Christmas but it is the necessary context to the miracle of rapid transformation you have performed on me since. How can I thank you for the six magic sessions - many of which were in fact, double sessions - of a rich array of therapies, all of which you practice with an amazing ease, which quickly allowed me to bin all the nasty pills my psychiatrist prescribed and insisted I take for at least a year?

If an interested patient were to ask me which of your skills contributed to my recovery most, I couldn't possibly explain. That is a secret only you may know. Was it Tuina massage or EFT? Was it cranial-sacral manipulation or the most mysterious of all - the removal of that stubborn negative entity you struggled with for what must have been a good two hours? All I know is that the next day I suddenly had a loose neck after years of having difficulty turning my head left or right.

I must admit that after Session Six I was still feeling rotten and feared getting away from your healing environment and supportive nurturing. But you were right. Within a week or two all my symptoms disappeared and I'm now a new me - possibly more optimistic and positive than ever before, which is obviously also due to the last component of your holistic attitude to therapy, which rests on equipping the patient with a new outlook on life, a wholly positive attitude to self and all around us.

My dear Nadia, may your fabulous clinic thrive as long as you are to give your patients your precious time! Finally, let me wish you and your family every happiness, unlimited love and good health."


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Testimonials from the recent Cheltenham workshop

At the start of the workshop, Nadia asked each of us whether we had come with any specific expectations. I had none, but I came because since I had met Nadia, I came to see she was both ‘wild’ and ‘wonderful’. Nadia is that charismatic combination of ‘passion’ and ‘wisdom’..
I thoroughly enjoyed my day. And as I left, I realised that although I had come for the ‘singer’, I was taking home the ‘song’.

Michael Eccles

First, I was achy between the shoulder blades mainly, but from all the postural correction which was long overdue. I'm making sure that I correct myself every time I become aware. I've put some little memory spells around the house where I do a lot of bending, to ping and remind me to hip hinge.

I am working on the pillow situation in bed, the leg one is OK, but I do need my 2 feather pillows for my head. I think that being feather, my head nestles into them to find it's alignment.

I was actually a centimetre taller the following morning, though by evening that had shrunk back again, but I'm working on it :)

This morning when I woke up I actually did 2 very spontaneous stretches, and I realised that I hadn't done them like that for possibly years.

Also of note, I came out of Tesco’s yesterday afternoon, carrying 2 heavy shopping bags, into the biting cold and spitting rain, a 10-minute walk ahead of me to Mum and Dad's, and was walking to the car in a state of unawareness - when a lady coming towards me said "How nice to see someone smiling" and indeed though I hadn't realised it, I was! I can only assume I'd shaken out some stress.


Testimonials from the recent Letterston workshop

"Where do I begin!

I so enjoyed the day. I found it empowering, enlightening and uplifting and feel that I need to listen to my body more and show it more respect. I am finding it difficult remembering all I learned but my walking has improved and posture in my car!"


Thanks so much again for the workshop at the weekend. A fantastic experience and very powerful!

I have had a big, big shift since Sunday and the workshop and was in quite extreme process of releasing Monday and yesterday, but it’s moving fast and there’s been a huge clearing around the dynamic we discussed. So thank you again for helping me make the connection between these issues and my body. Amazing.

Sending you much love and appreciation.


Previous Testimonials

"Good morning Nadia,

I cannot let another day go past without sending you a quick little note to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. It was extremely interesting and enjoyable, it is great to be 'empowered' with these 'tools' and there is so much reading material I would now like to crack through in a bid to becoming fully informed (not sure I will ever be that)!!"


"Dear Nadia,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop last weekend. It was just wonderful. I was in a brilliant space for days afterwards and would love to do another one sometime. Thank you for your lovely caring energy and I wish you a very Happy Christmas."


"Hi Nadia,

its late and I'm ready for bed but just wanted to write and thank you whilst its still fresh. That was an excellent workshop, this isn't a testimonial, too tired for that just now. However when working today, I noticed an increase in suppleness and thats in so little time. The various practises within your teaching reach parts that others do not!

And also, knowing myself if I weren't to 'strike whilst the iron is hot', I might lose the initial wave that is still in me, so am asking you whether I might be able to have a 1:1 with you, preferably before Christmas, again whilst it is reasonably fresh and I am using the exercises; refreshing and clarifying at this point could be really useful and help me forward in general well-being.

Well done you, I thought you kept your workshop fresh and original, thank you for all your help and attention."


"Dear Nadia,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 2 day workshop I recently attended and what a difference it has made to my overall wellbeing.

I have attended your classes in the past and learned the basics of the 'true to your roots' system, but the workshop really consolidated that learning and gave me the confidence to extend it and use it to fit my own personal situation. There was a noticeable difference in my energy field during, and since, that weekend and I assume that the focussed sessions and group energy built over the 2 days of the workshop really did make a difference. In fact I knew something significant must have happened during the weekend because I lost my voice for 2 days afterwards! Nothing sinister I hasten to add! - simply an outward expression of the deep clearing that I felt was going on within - no doubt triggered when the energy began to properly flow through my body.

I didn't really believe you when you said that it would become second nature to us to adjust and maintain our posture, but it is true! I find I am so much more aware of how I stand, sit and lie down, and now the need to make adjustments to correct my posture has really reduced. I have even caught myself looking in the shop windows when I walk down the street just to see how I look as I 'glide walk' along!

I cannot thank you enough for showing me the power and potential of my own body to keep itself well and help itself heal. It is so empowering! You make it seem so easy and accessible - and achievable by anyone (even me!) so thank you for sharing - you are a very special lady with a very special gift."


"I am a tree surgeon and find our Qi-Gong group work so useful. On a basic level the muscle softening effects relieve tension. Sometimes I find it hard after work to find the energy to get to Qi-gong but each session seems to reveal an enlightening gem and has a restorative calming feel.

I am always amazed by the body's ability to self-heal & the way we can facilitate self-healing movements in someone else. Collecting & circulating Qi energy seemed hard at first and needed a lot of guidance but slowly becomes something you want to make time for to practice on your own.

Thank you Nadia for helping us find our fluid selves."


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"True To Our Roots Qi Gong™ has been nothing short of a revelation to me. To learn that I can heal myself through natural gentle posture and movement is fantastic.

As I age and I become more aware of my increasing physical limitations, True to Our Roots Qi Gong has given me a sense of relief and an innate sense of personal control over my health and well-being. It is simple, gentle and easy, and really does go back to our roots.

It puts me in touch with my body and its energies. It relaxes and unwinds problem areas. It heals me physically and mentally. It's a great way to de-stress and unwind. On top of that it is enjoyable and an asset for life.

I am constantly amazed at what my body does to repair itself. The feeling of letting go and allowing your body to do what it wants is lovely. The knowledge that I can do this for myself anytime, any place, anywhere, and, if I want, share it with family and friends is a huge bonus."

Carol Jones
Oxfam Manager
Monmouth branch


Carol Jones

"It means to me to let the body go where it wants to. It's the time to get out of your head and move without thought. It's not easy to switch off the internal chatter and concentrate solely on the body, and I find it easier to practise this at home"


"You have shown me how to be calm and keep myself feeling well, full of energy and happy. I have never enjoyed a class so much ever before THANK YOU.

I practise at home usually when I am out walking the dogs in the woods. It feels great.

I am still full of grief for the loss of my mum and best friend, but thanks to you I feel I am handling it very well."


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"Hi Nadia,

I just wanted to let you know how much I feel I am benefiting from the classes, workshop and therapy sessions I have had with you.

Not only have I learned a great deal about how better to treat my body from good posture to clear energy lines, I am feeling so much more in control of my life. I had not realised how much I had been affected by the trauma of the last 12 months - yet as soon as we began our session together it was suddenly so obvious how much I had been holding in and on to, and the effect that that had been having, not only on my state of mind, but also on my body.

The release and freedom I felt after the session was quite astounding, especially since I had not realised the state that I was living in. With your calm, intuitive approach not only did you know exactly the right 'treatment' for me but by your manner and technique you allowed me to share in the experience and contribute to my own healing rather than just being a passive recipient. I found this quite empowering and important for my on-going wellbeing.

I love your classes and am so disappointed that in moving house I am too far away to attend on a regular basis. This is why I was so delighted that you had started to run some weekend workshops. The 2 days we spent near Malvern were really powerful for me. I know I had learned the basics of the 'true to your roots' system during the classes but I had not really dared use it on my own.

Attending the workshop really helped ground my previous learning and has given me the confidence not only to use it, but to extend and adapt it to fit my own personal requirements. Although I still lack the discipline and time for a regular daily practise I am already noticing the benefits of my much improved posture and am slowly beginning to 'live' "true to your roots" instead of just applying it now and then.

Thank you so much for dedicating yourself to this sharing - and I know that whenever I need a 'top up' or some extra guidance and help I can visit your beautiful clinic in the woods for some truly amazing healing. You are truly a very special lady.

Love and light.


Kim Peartree
IT Consultant
     Kim Peartree

28th August

To whom it may concern

Nadia and her unique abilities have helped me and my children through so many difficulties, both emotional and physical; it is hard to know how to express my immense gratitude and admiration for this courageous and exceptional woman.

Nadia has touched our lives in so many ways. We have all learned from her. Her healing, love and wisdom at very difficult times has been generous unconditional and right. Through the trigger of her knowledge I personally have read and learnt a large variety of information to help myself and my family in this life. All seemingly at just the right time to help with what is 'around the corner'.

Nadia is a special gift. She came into my life at the right time. She has helped me grow as an individual and her boundless reassurance and love have helped and continue to help me on my path in this life.

I have been going to write a letter to express my feelings for many years but sadly never made the time – no excuses, except to say that when I have thought about writing I was never sure where to begin, and now that Nadia has been a part of our lives for over seven years, I can't possibly list all the times she and her treatment has helped us. A few years ago I used to recommend her and tell people that she "kept me going". As a working mother, with a stressful job, two children, a mortgage, no husband and not enough hours in the day (we all know the scenario in this modern world we live in) she did indeed "keep me going" - physically and mentally. But over the years her treatments and her growing knowledge and abilities have given me and my children so much more. She has helped us with our individual problems and we have more faith in her and her treatments than we do any GP. I shall keep recommending her to anyone in need of help.

Recently she has helped my daughter overcome a bout of severe anxiety and depression and thankfully she is now well on the way to full recovery. Where the NHS let my daughter down, Nadia excelled. Her treatments combined with some private counselling have brought my beautiful happy girl back to me.

Life is a journey, not a treadmill, a one of opportunity to experience, learn, love and grow. Nadia has helped make me aware of this, and by doing so has saved me from myself and made me a 'fitter' person, both mentally and physically, to cope with the demands of life in the 21st Century. I shall always be grateful that our paths in life touched and we are and will continue to travel along them together, from time to time.

Carol Jones

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