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My ongoing adventure with the Spontaneous Self-Healing Movement.

Once upon a time I was a Health and Fitness Instructor for over seventeen years. In 1988, during one of my journeys to workshops to learn new choreography and fitness methods, I found a magazine in the train and was drawn to a small article, "Qi Gong, Healing through Movements". During my Fitness Instructor career I was a full-time "therapist" to our son who has Cerebral Palsy, who told me I could heal away his pain. This article, therefore, aroused my curiosity in case I might be able to help others on their healing path.

As there was no internet in those days I made various phone calls, and finally started learning Wild Goose Qi Gong with a Chinese teacher in 1990. The Inheritor of the Wild Goose System was an old Chinese lady called Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, whom I met in 2001 on one of my study trips to Beijing. What she taught the world in her seventies, had been a thousands of years old carefully guarded Taoist system of internal and external exercises, specifically designed to cultivate internal energy. Qi means Energy, and Gong means exercise or activation, and is all about enhancing a healthy lifestyle, gaining calmness and peace, and staying centred and grounded while chaos reigns around!

My brief visit with Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, which may have lasted only about half an hour, was one of the most powerful experiences in my life. It was witnessed by a friend and a student who looked after her. Although she was 105 years old her voice was powerful, and I knelt at her side, desperately trying to stop myself from towering above her as she was tiny, sitting on the edge of her bed. I held her hand, and she stared at my heart area, and suddenly I felt the whole of my chest being activated like a vortex going round like a "washing machine". This little Lady might have been 105, but her Qi or Energy was more powerful than anything I have ever felt in my life. When I returned to the UK I was buzzing like a live-wire, and I firmly believe that our destiny and connection was sealed forever. She passed away the following year.

Photograph of Nadia's meeting with Grand Master Yang Mei Jun in 2001

Nadia's magical meeting with Grand Master Yang Mei Jun in 2001

Her Spirit continues to guide me till this very day, which brings me to an explanation of True To Our Roots Spontaneous Qi Gong, which I now prefer to call Self-Healing Movements.

Spontaneous Qi Gong is when, instead of doing a form or routine, the practitioner allows the Qi to move freely throughout the body, causing spontaneous movement.

Another way to explain this is, that while the practitioner is practising a specific form they are using their mind to direct the Qi to specific points or channels, but in the spontaneous section, he/she disengages his/her mind from the process and lets the Qi itself guide the movements.

Different people have different energy configurations or different health problems which is why the Qi moves so differently in each individual. The movements themselves must never be forced. Instead, the practitioner allows the Qi itself to guide the movements which usually result in a feeling of deep release and inner harmony.

These autonomous movements can be triggered either through sound, or by having a facilitator using Qi Touch on the practitioner, or, once more comfortable with practising alone, just telling oneself "I am accessing my fluid body".

The practitioner then usually reaches a deeply relaxed state as fluid movements are triggered within their body. Sometimes these movements reach a suspended "therapeutic position" which could be in an anatomical normal or quite abnormal position.

Various responses can occur but once this position releases whatever memories it holds then a spontaneous reaction occurs, as fluids (blood) and energy begin to flow more freely (usually creating a warm and comfortable sensation), the muscles soften, and fascia and connective tissues lengthen (Dr John Upledger, cranio-sacral therapy). The practitioner may cry, sigh, laugh or make whatever sounds the body needs to release.

Many Qi Gong masters feel that it is important when people are first working with spontaneous movement that they work with a qualified master. This is mainly important when someone needs to work out a lot of intense emotional issues, so they are supported, and learn how to stay grounded.

Spontaneous movement is when "the Qi practices the student", and "the Qi becomes the teacher".

True To Our Roots is undergoing a continuous progression, which I am now combining with Quantum Fractal Energy Mandalas, see www.keithallenkay.com.

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Subscribe to my YouTube channel Subscribe to True To Our Roots YouTube Channel